Jack o’ Frost (2023)

Jack o' Frost (2023)


This is the heartwarming tale of Okusawa Ritsu, a talented illustrator, and Ikegami Fumiya, a hardworking salesman. The two first cross paths in an old coffee shop and fall deeply in love, forging a life of happiness together. However, a rift forms between them as time passes due to Ritsu's free-spirited nature and Fumiya's tendency to be swayed by convention. After a heated argument on a cold winter day, Ritsu storms out of the house and is involved in an accident, causing him to lose all his memory of Fumiya. Determined to rebuild their relationship from scratch, Fumiya conceals that they were ever together and starts anew with Ritsu. But when Ritsu requests to visit familiar places to regain his memories, Fumiya reluctantly agrees, and the two embark on a journey through their shared past. As they visit the coffee shop where they first met, stroll along the riverside road they often walked, and revisit places they traveled together before dating, sweet and bittersweet memories come flooding back to Fumiya's mind. Meanwhile, Ritsu finds himself drawn to Fumiya despite his amnesia, and a newfound attraction begins to blossom between them. Through their journey, the two must confront their past mistakes and miscommunications and learn to appreciate each other's differences. Will their love be strong enough to overcome their challenges and lead them to a happy ending? Only time will tell.

  • Drama: Jack o' Frost
  • Country: Japan
  • Episodes: 6
  • Aired: Feb 17, 2023 - ?
  • Aired On: Friday
  • Original Network: MBS
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated